Residential Rental Registration

Ohio Revised Code section 5323.02 requires an owner of residential rental property to file certain information with the County Auditor in which the property is located. 

What is Residential Rental Property? 

Residential rental property includes each parcel of real property which meets either of the following criteria:

  1. A real property parcel on which at least one dwelling unit that is leased or otherwise rented to tenants solely for residential purpose is located. Examples include an apartment, single-family home, or multi-family unit. 
  2. A real property parcel that is located in a mobile home park or other permanent or semi-permanent site at which lots are leased or otherwise rented to tenants for parking a manufactured home, mobile home, or recreational vehicle that is used solely for residential purposes.
Revised Code section 5323.01(E) provides exceptions to these definitions by specifying that residential rental property does not include a hotel or a college or university dormitory. All other parcels of real property on which at least one residential living unit is leased or rented as described above, are considered residential rental property, regardless of other improvements that are located on the parcel. For instance, a parcel improved with a street-level retail store and two second floor apartments that are leased to residential tenants, is residential rental property even though the parcel may be classified as commercial for real property tax purposes. 

Who Must File? 

  • If a property has multiple individual owners, only one of them is required to file as the contact agent.
  • If a property is owned by a business entity, one of the following must file as the contact agent:
    • a trustee in the case of a trust or business trust
    • an executor or administrator in the case of an estate
    • a general partner in the case of a partnership or limited partnership
    • an associate in the case of an association
    • an officer in the case of a corporation
    • a member, manager, or officer in the case of a limited liability company or any other business entity
When Must Information be Filed?

An owner of residential rental property must file the required information within 60 days (including weekends and holidays) after notification following the property transfer or when the tax bill is received, or after any change in the information occurs. Failure to comply is considered a violation of the law, and each property is then subject to a fine of $150 per tax year.

How to File

Mail or email Residential Rental Property Registration Form.

Butler County Auditor
Attn: Rental Registration
130 High St, 3rd Fl
Hamilton, OH 45011
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