Listed below are answers to our most common questions.
Manufactured Home
What are the current manufactured home conveyance and transfer fees?
 The conveyance fees are $1.00 per thousand of the sale price and $.50 per manufactured
home title that is being transferred
Who should the check be made payable to for the conveyance fees?
 Checks are made payable to Butler County Auditor.
What types of payments will you accept for manufactured home transfers?
 We only accept cash or checks for manufactured home transfers.
Can the Auditor’s office tell me which reason for exemption on the DTE Form 100EX should  be marked?
 No. If you are not able to find one reason of why this transfer is exempt from the conveyance 
fees then we suggest you contact an attorney. 
How can I find out if there is a lien on a manufactured home?
The name of the lien holder will be listed on the front of the active mobile home title. Another 
way you can find the current lien holder is to use the online search under the Ohio Department of 
Public Safety. You will need the vehicle identification number or the title number to access this 
information. The address for this search is
Is there a way to file a complaint against the value on my manufactured home that is taxed  like real estate?
 Yes. You can file the Board of Revision DTE Form 1M from January 1st through March 31st 
of each year. 
What should I do if I have been receiving a tax bill that is not mine?
 Contact the Auditor or Treasurer’s office to research the issue.
How can I find out if any tax is due on a manufactured home?
 You can contact the Butler County Treasurer at (513)887-3181. 
How much sales tax will be due when I transfer the title to the manufactured home?
 If you purchased your mobile home after January 1st of the year 2000, sales tax will not be 
collected. If you have purchased your home before January 1st of the year 2000 and have not 
transferred the title yet, you may be required to pay sales tax. Contact the Clerk of Courts Title 
Division for more information about sales tax on manufactured homes purchased before January 
1st of the year 2000.
How do I know if the person selling the manufactured home is the legal owner?
 Before you enter into any agreement or make any payments, we strongly suggest that you
look at the active manufactured home title first to make sure that the name(s) listed is the same 
person selling the manufactured home. If it is not the same person, this could be a red flag and 
additional research may be necessary.
How can I remove a decedents name from the title of a manufactured home?
 You will have to contact the Clerk of Courts Title Division at (513)887-3090 to find out what 
steps are required to have a name removed.