All documents presented to our office must have the proper approval stamp(s).

City Splits

All city splits must have approval from that city's planning department.

Township Splits

All splits in a township must have planning approval from the County Planning Department. Splits in the townships of: West Chester, Liberty, Fairfield, St. Clair, Morgan, and Wayne are required to have both the County Planning approval stamp and the township approval stamp on the document before we can process them.


The plat process can take up to a week to complete. We complete plats in the order which they are received.


Before a combination can be completed by our office, the name(s) on each mother parcel must be identical. Any variation in the name(s) will result in the combination being rejected. Documentation will be required to transfer the parcel(s) into the correct name(s) for the combination to be completed.

All combinations located within a city require approval from that particular city planning department. West Chester Township, Liberty Township, Fairfield Township, St. Clair Township, Morgan Township, and Wayne Township require planning approval from each of their planning departments. 


The fee for each new parcel being created is $.50 cents. For plats, we do not charge a fee for parcels that are being created for common areas and garages that are included with the unit or are part of the limited common area.