College Land Parcels

College Lands

Before a transfer can be completed that is indicated as “college lands”, you must have an approval stamp from the University. You can obtain this stamp from Miami University’s Oxford campus at 218 Roudebush Hall. Contact Miami at 513-529-4226 for additional information.

Parcels that indicate college lands which need university approval begin with: B1100, F2700, H3510, H3520, H3700, H3900, and H4000.

Deeded Lands

When parcels are annexed from “college lands” to “deeded lands”, Miami University will provide a deed indicating the parcel is no longer subject to their approval. When this deed is submitted to our office, we change the parcel number(s) to indicate deeded lands as follows:

College Lands Deeded Lands
B1100 B1010
F2700 F2610
H3510 H3610
H3520 H3620
H3700 H3700
H3900 H3800
H4000 H4100

The Auditor’s Office requires DTE Form 100EX to be completed for each Miami University deed presented.