Conveyance FAQ

Listed below are answers to our most common questions. 
What are the current conveyance fees?
The conveyance fee is $3.00 per thousand of the sale price (round up to the next hundred) and $.50 per parcel being transferred.

The minimum fees are:
  • Real Estate: $3.00 plus parcel fee
  • Manufactured Home: $1.00 plus parcel fee
Fees are accepted by cash or check only.
Who should the check be made payable to for conveyance fees?
Checks are made payable to Butler County Auditor.
How are transfers accepted by your office?
We will accept transfers by mail, in person, and e-files. The DTE Form 100 or 100EX must be filled out completely. Also, there must be a valid legal description attached on the deed being submitted for transfer. Prior to submitting the deed, contact the Engineer’s Office at 513-867-5744 to have them preapprove the legal description.
Can I use conveyance forms from another county?
Yes, as long as it is the current revised form issued by the Ohio Department of Taxation.
How can I change the name on my deed?

In order to change any name on a property a new legal document (i.e. deed, affidavit, etc.) must be presented to the Auditor’s Office indicating the name change. We suggest that you contact a real estate attorney to help you with this process to make sure the deed is executed correctly. Once the deed is drawn up it will be brought to the Auditor’s Office along with a completed DTE Form 100 or 100EX and the correct fees. Once our part is done it is then recorded with the Recorder’s Office.

Contact the Recorder’s Office to find out their requirements and fees at 513-887-3196.

How do I obtain a copy of my deed?

Deeds are held by the Recorder’s Office.

What can be done to protect against title fraud?
The Recorder's Office offers a free service on their website called Fraudsleuth. It is a fraud detection tool that monitors property transactions in the Recorder's Office.  You can sign up to receive email alerts whenever a document is recorded under your name.
Why don't I see a property transfer date on Auditor's website?
Our records only go back to 1993. If a transfer date is not listed then you will have to search the title on file with the Recorder’s Office and their records only go back electronically to 1987. Anything older and you would need to research the books that are located in their office.
Do you have transfer on death forms available?

The Auditor’s Office does not provide or create Transfer on Death Affidavits. You would need to contact a real estate attorney to assist you in this matter. Once you have the affidavit completed then it will be presented to the county for processing.