Board of Revision FAQ

Listed below are answers to our most common questions.
What if I think the appraised value is too high?
The appraised value, which may be updated annually in some circumstances, is an important part of the property tax calculation. If you feel the appraised value is too high, you may file a complaint with the Board of Revision. Filing a BOR complaint entitles you to a hearing before the three-member Board of Revision. At the hearing, you may present information such as recent appraisals or current sales data for similar properties in your neighborhood to support your complaint.
How often can I file an appeal with the BOR?
Owners may file once every three years between January 1 and March 31 on a property.
Is there a limit to the dollar amount of the appeal?
There is no limit to the dollar amount a property's value can be changed with an appeal.
What if I do not agree with the BOR decision?
You have 30 days from the date of the decision letter to file DTE Form 4 Notice of Appeal with either the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals or the Court of Common Pleas. Please note that you must also file a copy of the Notice of Appeal with the Board of Revision.