Improved Images, Data Display Aids Property Owners

In an effort to make real estate information more accessible to taxpayers, theneighborhood sales logo
Auditor’s Office is featuring two new tools on its website – Pictometry and Your Neighborhood Sales.

“There is so much valuable information available to our in-house appraisers,” said Butler County
Auditor Nancy Nix. “Anytime it’s easier for the public to see what our appraisers see, the better.”

Pictometry is featured as a tab on the property search page that is located near the Maps link. Pictometry allows improved zoom functionality and the photo can be rotated. It also displays imagery from the most recent county flyover in 2023. These flyovers provide useful information to the Auditor’s appraisal team and are scheduled regularly. Additionally, there is a dual pane feature that enables a comparison between the current year’s imagery and previous years.

This patented aerial survey technique produces oblique geo-referenced imagery showing the fronts and
sides of buildings and locations on the ground. Photos are captured by low-flying airplanes, depicting up
to 12 perspectives (shot from a 40 degree angle) as well as an overhead view of every location flown.
These perspectives are then stitched together to create composite aerial maps.

“I’ve heard from some people worried about home security with this imagery, but this does not provide
anything not already available from private companies such as Google,” said Nix.
A programming change by the current provider allowed the Auditor’s Office to bring this tool forward at
no additional cost.

Looking for a quick and easy way to look up property sales in your area? The Auditor now provides
“Your Neighborhood Sales” for that very purpose. The link is at the top of the Auditor home page and is
found on other real estate-related areas of the site.

This feature allows users to input their address and a parcel map of the area is produced that displays
Auditor appraised values and sale prices from 2022 when available.

“The information was available before, but not in one location, so this is much more user-friendly,” said
Nix. “This is all part of our effort to be more transparent and serve the taxpayers to our fullest extent.”

Those considering filing an appeal with the Board of Revision prior to the April 1 deadline might find
both of these tools useful. Pictometry can be utilized if there is an issue with the outside of the house
that might impact value. The Your Neighborhood Sales tool enables a review of recent sales in the area
surrounding a property.

The new tools are also receiving good reviews from local real estate professionals.

The Auditor’s website address is