Tentative 2023 Values Now on Auditor's Website

For months the Auditor’s Office has been warning state lawmakers and residents
alike that residential values would be increased a significant amount in 2023 based on sales prices in
2022. The reality of that warning can now be seen using the property search tool on the Auditor’s

“Values were always going to increase in 2023 because sales prices have been up everywhere since
2020,” said Auditor Nancy Nix. “But the state tax commissioner’s decision to focus on only sales from
2022 to set 2023 values has resulted in higher value increases than we’ve ever seen before.”

The state set median value increases for 22 local jurisdictions between 25-41 percent and 37 percent for
the county as a whole. These percentage increases represent the difference between Auditor values set in
2020 and 2022 sales prices, per the state department of taxation’s review of sales data.

Using these state-mandated percentages, individual value increases were determined among similar
properties in neighborhood groupings.

Despite the significant value increases, Auditor values should still be between 90-92 percent of the
actual market in most cases.

The new values are listed as “tentative” because the Auditor’s Office has not yet applied new
construction values for 2023. In the vast majority of instances, however, the tentative value will be the
final value.

To view the 2023 values on the Auditor’s website, conduct a property search by owner name, address, or
parcel number. Once the property is displayed on the screen, the new value is below the Parcel
information and the Dwelling information.

Our office needs tax rates to be able to calculate the tax impact of the new values. Those won't be
available from the state until late in the year. The Auditor’s Office will then use the new values and rates
to calculate the tax bills and those will be sent out by the County Treasurer at the beginning of 2024 with
a due date most likely at the end of February.

Auditor Nix is also holding town hall meetings to discuss the triennial update process and the new
values. There will be five meetings at various locations across the county during the month of October.
Each meetings begins at 7 p.m. and is scheduled to end at 8:30 p.m. See the dates and list of locations

Town Hall Meeting Schedule
  • Oct. 11 Middletown Lower Level Council Chambers: Municipal Building, One Donham Plaza
  • Oct. 17 Fairfield Council Chambers: Municipal Building, 5350 Pleasant Ave.
  • Oct. 18 West Chester Twp. Boardroom: Township Hall, 9113 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd.
  • Oct. 24 Hamilton City Council Chambers: 345 High St.
  • Oct. 30 Oxford City Council Chambers: 118 W. High St