Vendor's License

There are two types of vendor's licenses: County and Transient. Both types of licenses cost $25 and there is no annual renewal. 

County Vendor's License

This type of license is required when selling an actual product at a permanent location. Additionally, vendors that provide services should apply for this license if they have a fixed place of business in the county. Delivery vendors should also purchase a County Vendor's License.

Transient Vendor's License

This type of license is required for any vendor that does not maintain a fixed business location. This includes vendors that travel throughout the state with a stock of goods or those who sell at festivals and flea markets. This license is good throughout Ohio. You can purchase this license through the Ohio Department of Taxation by calling 888-405-4089 or online through the Ohio Business Gateway.

Changing Business Location

If a vendor moves an existing place of business to another location in the county, the vendor may either purchase a new Vendor's License or submit a request to transfer the existing license to the new location. There is no fee to transfer the license. A new license is required if there is a change in ownership (i.e. sole proprietor to partnership, corporation to sole proprietor, partnership to sole proprietor, etc).

Cancelling a License

If a vendor stops making taxable retail sales, a final return must be filed with the Ohio Department of Taxation and all taxes must be paid within 15 days of the final sale. If you have questions regarding this process, please call the Ohio Department of Taxation at 888-405-4089.
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