Dog License
Where can I license in-person?
Licensing is available at the following locations; however, it's important to know you will still receive your tag in the mail:
  • Ace Hardware, 4185 Tonya Trl, Liberty Twp, OH, 45011
  • Ace Hardware, 7852 Cincinnati Dayton Rd, West Chester, OH, 45069
  • Al-Joe's Pet and Garden Center, 173 N Brookwood Ave, Hamilton, OH, 45013
  • Animal Friends Humane Society, 1820 Princeton Rd, Hamilton, OH, 45013
  • Butler County Auditor, 130 High St, 3rd Fl, Hamilton, OH, 45011
  • Butler County Dog Warden, 513-887-7297, dogwarden@butlersheriff.org
What do I do if I found a lost pet?
If you have found a lost dog, you can search online for the owner using the tag number. If you cannot find a match or the pet owner has not made their contact information public, please contact the Homesafe 24/7 Team at 1-877-239-6072, option 1.
How much is the online processing fee for credit card and debit card payments?
The processing fee is 2.65% plus $.25 per transaction. 
I did not receive my tag.
If you selected a tag and did not receive it (please allow 30 business days for your order to arrive), please contact our office at 513-785-6767 or via email.
My pet lost their tag. How can I get a new one?
You can order a replacement tag online by logging into your account and selecting the 'My Pets' page. Under the licensing section, click 'Order Replacement License Tag'. You can also call our office at 513-785-6767 to place an order. The cost is $5.00.
The etching on the tag has worn off.
DocuPet takes pride in the quality of the tags, connectors, and etching. They stand by their tags and offer a one-year guarantee on the legibility of the details etched onto the back of every tag. If the etching has worn off within a year of purchase, or you require a replacement tag or connector due to an issue, please contact our offfice by calling 513-785-6767 or by email. Please provide a photo showing the issue you encountered as well as your contact information.
How do I notify you that my pet passed away?
We are sorry for your loss. You can update a pet's profile via your online account or call our office at 513-785-6767 so that we can update your record.
My pet is no longer with me, but I'm still receiving renewal reminders.
You can update a pet's profile via your online account or call our office at 513-785-6767 so that we can update your record. 
My pet is a service animal.
Please call our office at 513-785-6767.
My pet has been designated a dangerous dog.
Please call our office. Once our team verifies your dog's designation, you will be able to renew online in future years.
Does my license transfer if I am moving?
Your current license may not be valid in the new community your are moving to. Please get in touch with the pet licensing provider in the new community in order to find out more information. Also, please be sure to update your address by logging into your online account and navigating to your 'Profile Settings' page.  
I do not want to receive promotional emails from DocuPet. How can I opt-out?
You can opt-out of promotional emails by logging in to your account and then going to your 'Profile Settings' under 'Account'. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and unclick the box that says, "I want to receive marketing communications from DocuPet."