The Auditor is the county's Chief Financial Officer and Chief Payroll Officer. It is the Auditor's responsibility to account for the millions of dollars received each year and to issue payment of obligations, including the distribution of tax dollars to local governments and agencies. The Auditor also distributes motor vehicle license fees, gasoline tax, hotel lodging tax, fines, and local government funds. The Auditor's Finance Division consists of two departments (Accounting and Payroll) and their duties include:

  • Processing vendor payments
  • Maintaining vendor files
  • Balancing with County Treasurer
  • Processing of required tax filings
  • Processing payroll checks
  • Administering health insurance enrollment
  • Maintaining employee tax, voluntary deductions, and retirement records
  • Preparing financial reporting

To better serve the taxpayers, the Auditor's Finance Department updated its method of providing financial reporting. The Auditor's Annual Financial Report (AAFR) provides the following information:

  • Real estate tax collections
  • Voted levy funds for social service agencies
  • Property tax distributions
  • Sales tax
  • Distribution of state funds, including local government funds and public library funds
  • County debt