About the Office

The Auditor's Office is tasked with many important responsibilities:

  • The Auditor is the Chief Financial Officer of the county.
    1. Issues warrants (checks) for payment of county obligations, including distribution of tax dollars to local governments and agencies.
    2. Acts as paymaster for all employees of Butler County government.
    3. Prepares and produces the county’s annual financial report which goes under audit by the state annually.
    4. Administers and distributes motor vehicle license fees, gasoline taxes, estate taxes, and local government funds, in addition to real estate and manufactured home taxes.
  • Real Estate Assessor
    1. Butler County’s roughly 160,000 parcels must be fairly and equitably appraised every three years.
    2. Appraisers within the office must keep all property records up to date with regards to new construction or demolition.
  • Property Tax Calculation
    1. Calculates property tax bills based on property values and tax rates.
    2. Prepares the annual general tax list.
  • Conveyance
    1. Transfers all real estate that changes ownership in the county.
    2. Collects fees for real estate transfers.
    3. Maintains all ownership records, acreage changes, real estate splits, and provides information for maintaining tax maps.
  • CAUV & Manufactured Housing
    1. Administers CAUV (Current Agricultural Use Assessment) which allows farm land to be taxed at a lower value.
    2. Administers manufactured housing registrations and value assessment.
  • Weights and Measures
    1. Inspector of all commercial devices used in retail trade for weighing and measuring, including store scanners.
    2. Inspector of gas pumps and scales for accuracy.
  • Licensing
    1. Sells dog tags as required by law.
    2. Issues licenses for vendors and cigarette sales.
The County Auditor has other duties as well:

  • Secretary, Budget Commission
  • Secretary, Board of Revision (BOR)
  • Member, Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC)
  • Member, Records Commission


Department Name Email Phone
Board of Revision bor@bcohio.gov (513) 887-3150
CAUV/Agriculture berkley.rose@bcohio.gov (513) 887-3953
Communications david.brown@bcohio.gov (513) 887-3159
Deed Transfer auditor.conveyance@bcohio.gov (513) 887-3154
Dog License auditor.conveyance@bcohio.gov (513) 785-6767
Finance Department jill.cole@bcohio.gov (513) 887-3126
Homestead Exemption auditor@bcohio.gov (513) 887-3040
Main Line auditor@bcohio.gov (513) 887-3154
Real Estate Department michael.stein@bcohio.gov (513) 887-3154
Weights & Measures cole.perdue@bcohio.gov (513) 785-6318